About us

We are a multidisciplinary team that combines experience in the fields of law, finance and real estate with the enthusiasm and passion for building a new project. We like to analyse problems to provide our clients with unconventional solutions.

“Professionals with extensive knowledge of their speciality, part of a shared learning path and a climate of continuous development”

Inés López, Senior Lawyer - Recovery Services

What are we looking for?

People who have a vocation for their work, who want to drive their own professional career and who want to leave their mark both professionally and on society.

“People who enjoy working as part of a team, are excited by new challenges and want to contribute their ideas and knowledge in each project”

María José Pérez Arnás, Head of Restructuring & Insolvencies

What can you find?

The possibility of acquiring a cross-cutting/comprehensive vision of the legal, real estate and financial world through career plans adapted to the concerns of our greatest asset: our team of lawyers. At TARSSO, you build your own career.

“A great working environment where we encourage teamwork and motivation for what we do, united by our customers and our brand”

Macarena Cifuentes, Head of Unpaid Leases